Eye Exams

The Southern Alberta Eye Center includes some of the most advanced ophthalmic diagnostic technologies in Western Canada.

Prescribed diagnostic tests and examinations vary from patient to patient depending on your eye condition and recommended treatment. The Southern Alberta Eye Center is equipped for comprehensive screening for all major eye conditions and diseases including, but not limited to, retinal conditions, cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, amblyopia, and ocular oncology.

For patients seeking eye exams, please note that eye exams are typically booked through referral from your optometrist or family physician. Given the range of specialization within the Southern Alberta Eye Center, the examinations and analysis conducted during eye exams and diagnostic tests will vary between physicians and practices.

If you are looking to book an eye exam, please directly contact the practices located within our facility.

Calgary Retina Consultants |403-286-6802 | calgaryretina.com

Mitchell Eye Centre|403-258-1773 | mitchelleyecentre.com

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