• I am booked for cataract surgery, what do I do when I arrive at the Southern Alberta Eye Centre?

    After parking and entering the building through the main entrance, go directly to the third floor reception to check-in.

  • I was a patient of another doctor and have been rescheduled here for cataract surgery, do I have to do anything in particular?

    You need to check-in with the third floor reception at the time that your doctor has asked you to arrive.

  • What are the risks of general anesthetic?

    Although all types of anesthesia involve some risks, major side effects and complications from anesthesia are uncommon. Your specific risks depend on your health, the type of anesthesia used, and your response to anesthesia. The Anesthesiologist will go through all the specific risks with you prior to your surgery.

  • Should I leave my valuables at home? Remove make-up?

    Please leave any money, jewelry and other valuables at home. Do not use any eye or facial makeup the day of surgery.

  • How long is the wait time?

    Your doctor’s office should be telling you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled surgery time. This allows time to give you the eye drops that prepare your eye for the surgery.

  • Should I bring a support person? Where can they wait?

    You must have a responsible adult/guardian take you home after surgery because of possible anesthesia and vision effects. Your support person can wait for you in the reception waiting area.